Namaste ॐ. Sono Brittany Bunce. Sono nata in Sud Africa ma da Febbraio 2017 vivo a Verona. Ho iniziato a praticare yoga nel 2003 e me ne sono innamorata rapidamente. Ho viaggiato per la prima volta in India nel 2007 e sono tornata più volte per viaggiare e praticare yoga.

Ho completato corsi di formazione per insegnanti di yoga in India (Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa).

Sono una studentessa dedicata e seguo lezioni, corsi di formazione e seminari con insegnanti di tutto il mondo quando posso, la saggezza dello yoga è infinita, come le opportunità di apprendimento.

Credo fermamente nella profonda pratica dello yoga per portare salute, equilibrio e felicità nelle nostre vite. Amo condividere con i miei studenti come trovare l’equilibrio tra forza e delicatezza, esplorare il meraviglioso potenziale del corpo e della connessione mentale. Dò molta importanza ad insegnare lo yoga in modo sicuro, muovendosi consapevolmente e offrendo alternative.

Insegno una forma dinamica di Vinyasa Flow che si concentra sul collegamento del respiro con il movimento, sulla costruzione di forza e flessibilità e soprattutto cercare tranquillità attraverso una meditazione in movimento.

Insegno anche altri stili di yoga tra cui Yin Yoga, che si concentra sulla stimolazione della fascia (tessuto connettivo), calmando il sistema nervoso parasimpatico, promuovendo la guarigione e incoraggiando la consapevolezza e la consapevolezza del corpo.

Insegno principalmente in inglese, in questo modo i miei studenti possono anche imparare un po’ di inglese ma parlo anche italiano.

Namaste ॐ See you on the mat, Brittany


Qualifiche Yoga:

RYT 200 Vinyasa Flow (2018)

RYT 100 Yin Yoga (2020)

Formazione degli insegnanti Trimurti Yoga School, India Goa (Yoga Alliance International)

Ashtanga Vinyasa/Iyengar Pre-Teacher Training (2018)

Abhinam Yoga School, India Morjim (Yoga Alliance Professionals)


Esperienze lavorative:

  • dal Novembre 2018 ad oggi Insegnante di yoga, libero professionista (lezioni private e pubbliche) a Verona: Online, Patreon, Parco Santa Teresa, Fondazione San Zeno, Spazio Divenire, Yoga Shala Verona, Progetto Shiatsu, Verona.
  • Settembre- Novembre 2018: Insegnante di yoga (trainee), Trimurti Yoga & Abhinam Yoga, Goa India
  • 2009-2011: Insegnante di yoga, Earthchild Project, Cape Town, Sud Africa



Namaste ॐ. My name is Brittany Bunce. I am South African but since February 2017 I have lived in Verona, Italy. Yoga is my greatest passion and my way of life. Yoga has truly transformed my life and given it a deeper meaning. This inspires me to share this wonderful practice with my students. My own journey with yoga started in 2003 and it was love at first sight! However, I truly fell head over heels on my first trip to India in 2007… since then I have returned several times to travel and practice yoga. I have completed yoga teacher training courses with my yoga school in Goa India (Trimurti Yoga) in Vinyasa Flow (RYT 200) and Yin Yoga (RYT 100). I also completed a training course in Ashtanga Vinyasa/ Iyengar at Abhinam Yoga School (RYT 30). I am forever a dedicated student and take classes, trainings and workshops with teachers all over the world whenever I can- yoga’s wisdom and gifts are endless and so are the opportunities for learning.

I also have a PhD in Poverty, Land and Agrarian Studies and an MSc in Social Policy and Development. My first experience teaching yoga began in 2009 with a non-profit organization in South Africa, teaching yoga and wellness to children in under-privileged areas. The aspect of yoga, which is called ‘Seva’, translates from the Sanskrit as community service and it is an important component of the wider yogic path. Seva is important to me as a follower of yoga and I like to arrange events that provide opportunities for my students to also practice Seva. As Mahatma Gandhi said: “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”.

I believe strongly in the profound practice of yoga to bring health, balance and happiness into our lives. I love to guide my students to find the balance between strength and gentleness and exploring the beautiful potential of the body and mind connection. It is important to me to teach yoga safely by moving mindfully, offering alternatives and encouraging students to cultivate body awareness and respect. I am very passionate about ‘yoga as therapy’ and exploring our potential to heal ourselves. I love to weave yoga philosophy into the themes of my class because yoga is so much more than just an asana practice.

I teach a dynamic form of Vinyasa Flow that focuses on connecting breath with movement, building strength and flexibility and importantly finding peace of mind through a moving meditation. I also teach Yin Yoga, a gentler form of yoga incorporating Taoist and Buddhist philosophy and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Yin yoga focuses on stimulating fascia (connective tissue), calming the parasympathetic nervous system, promoting healing and encouraging body awareness and mindfulness.

‘Yoga provides the unshifting foundation and stability of a bridge,
A bridge to your authentic nature,
To the simple joy of truly being,
Always there to keep you rooted,
To gently guide you back,
Through the mist and turmoil of modern life,
A map through the dark and impenetrable parts of the mind,
To the quiet, yet radiant tranquility that resides within….
Always there to warmly welcome you,
Rain or shine’

Namaste ॐ See you on the mat, Brittany